A Health Psychological seminar gives you an insight into the risk factors in your life concerning your health and informs you about how to

safeguard yourself. You may find out about other Coping strategies that are more effective than the ones you already use now.

We take an in depth look at your Biopsychosocial experiences either in the group or alone.


Why would a seminar abroad do you good?

It would be a strategical maneuver. That means you would be completely away from your everyday life giving you an opportunity to take a more distanced look at things. You would have the chance to focus on what´s important for you personally and listen to what your heart is telling you. You may get inspirational or notice a change in your outlook. What is important, it´s about what you want out of life.

It´s really important to me that every single person who takes part in a seminar, goes home happy and content.

Accomodation, meals and airport shuttle are included in the  seminar fees.                       

What you can expect

Talks and Information with practical interactive exercises

For example:

-What happens to me and my body when I am distressed?
-How do I achieve Quality of Life?

-Which factors have an effect on my behaviour and can I change this?

-What is the Intention-Behaviour Gap?
-What are my own health risks? 
-Positive Steps to your well-being and happiness.
-Communication und relationships.
-Was ist Resilience und how do I achieve it?
-Fear and sadness.

-How to find the best possible options of getting the upper hand around my illness

-Action Planning.  How to achieve your goals.

In addition,  guided walks in breathtaking Landscapes,  relaxation und Meditation classes, motivational training,  group dicussions.as well as one to one conversations, Yoga,  Sightseeing/Group-excursions, fantastic food and just the right amount of free time.


1 week on a Health Psychological Seminar

Dates for 2021 will be disclosed in the near future



1 Week on a Health Psychological Seminar

Dates for 2021 will be disclosed in the near future