Shama Abbas. BSc, MSc, Dipl.
(Psychology, Health Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

I was born in Karachi, Pakistan and travelled to the UK at the age of two. I grew up in Yorkshire and with a qualification in nursery education and only one years experience tightly under my belt, I had moved to Germany by the age of 22.

I`ve always strived to educationally better myself and have a number of German qualifications too. I´ve been teaching in schools full-time for around 30 years now but  I decided to study psychology by the time I was 50, alongside my full time work.

Now I would like to help anybody who feels they need a break and time away from the challenges life presents us with.

I would like to take you on week long Seminars either in Germany, Croatia or Italy.

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Health Psychology

Health Psychology emerged in the 1970`s and emphasizes how our patterns of behaviour can  influence our health. It follows the notion that health and illness

are a direct result of either one or a combination of the following

3 aspects.

Psychological Factors (includes your lifestyle, individual traits and characteristics, behaviour, vulnerabilty and stress factors)

Biological Factors (includes your genetics, physical condition etc.)

Social Factors (your relationships, social networks and social support systems, cultural and religious systems)

The main issue within the field of health psychology is to promote health and to prevent illness. To minimalize risk factors and focus on removing these factors that  could eventually make us ill.

People who already have a chronic illness, can find the best possible ways to maintain their health and regain their quality of life.

We all do things every day that make us ill and most of the time,  we don`t  realise it.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

“People are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take of them” (Epictetus, 50-138 n. Christus)

Cognitive behavioural therapy will not solve your everyday problems but you will learn how to manage your problems on a different level of perception.  CBT helps you to understand your negative thoughts and emotions and change your behaviour patterns.  At some point, time and practice will empower you to cope by yourself.

CBT is time limited, goal orientated and is a highly structured approach which can alleviate psychological distress so that you are able to enjoy your life again.